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Power Generation Service, LLC Hires an In-House Electrician

Feb 28, 2020 | Press Releases

Thanks to the Recent Hire, Power Generation Service Can Now Offer Full Service to All of Their Valued Customers

The founder of Power Generation Service, LLC, is pleased to announce the hire of an in-house electrician.

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As Jeanette Jennings, the manager of Power Generation Service in Albuquerque noted, while the company has always wanted to provide their customers with a complete package and install the generators that they sell, they have traditionally had to rely on electrician subcontractors.

“We recently made a decision to hire an in-house electrician, which opens up a huge door for us in regards to being able to accommodate the customers’ needs under one roof,” Jennings said, adding that she and the team from Power Generation Service in New Mexico are proud to be able to provide full electrical service from start to finish.

“We feel like it should be a division of what we do and not just limit ourselves to the installation of the generator, but to be able to provide the customer with full electrical service, even though it may not include a generator installation.”

The fact that Power Generation Service has hired an in-house electrician in an effort to better serve their customers will not surprise the many people throughout New Mexico and parts of Arizona that have used the company over the years. Since they first opened for business, Power Generation Service has earned a well-deserved reputation for their outstanding customer service.

“Service and repair are our strongest attributes. And we are working toward providing every aspect of what Power Generation Service can provide to the community, or to the businesses in Albuquerque and New Mexico,” Jennings said.

“We are really excited that having an in-house electrician is going to really provide the customer service that we’ve been looking for. And I think it’s also what the customers are looking for.”

About Power Generation Service, LLC:

Power Generation Service, LLC provides engine and generator service and repair for all major brands. They provide solutions for construction companies, rental yards, homeowners, and many other businesses. From commercial generators to portable power generators, industrial generators and residential generators, Power Generation Service technicians are experts at servicing, diagnosing, and maintaining the most advanced power systems available on the market. Their field service technicians travel the state of New Mexico and parts of Arizona with over 125 years combined experience. For more information, please visit

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